Friday, September 21, 2012

The Wacky Adventures of Harold the Hound

I recall a story I wrote for a sixth grade project that featured a yellow anthropomorphic canine called Harold. This critter, unlike the winged Yam Yam, was a wonderer similar to Indiana Jones or Buck Rogers because he always stumbled onto a place that got him into some sort of trouble and danger. In the adventure I wrote, he buys a boat with some birthday money (a LOT of birthday money I might add) and he sets sail onto the sea. Suddenly, a storm comes and the boat crashes into an island inhabited by tribal hounds, hounds that remind me of the Skull Island tribal men from King Kong. The hounds try to attack Harold but he throws some candy at them as they eat it in fascination. Soon after, the tribal hounds get sick and turn pink. Luckily, Harold always keeps a handy bottle of Pepto Bismal with him wherever he goes. So he gives them some of the minty medicine and for some odd reason I can't explain, the tribal men turn into vicious mutant hounds who try to gobble up Harold for brunch. Thinking fast, Harold fixes up his boat, but the mutant hounds break it again anyway. Thinking again, Harold gives the tribal mutants an antidote and they revert back to their original selves. Realizing that Harold has helped them, the tribal hounds help Harold fix his boat and he leaves the island with a thankful wave goodbye.

There you have it friends. Unfortunately, I have misplaced my sixth grade project on Harold so I am unable to show you the pictures, but I do recall that I received an A+ on the assignment. Talk about a character that is not only exciting, but he helps you get through school as well!

Here is a photo of the little devil. He's so cute, he puts Scooby Doo and Snoopy to shame!

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