Thursday, July 5, 2012

Moves Like Chaplin

There is something about that black mustache and derby that sends me in a frenzy.

His moves are as legendary as the moves of a penguin

And as I recall, I did my sixth grade language arts project on him

And his uncanny legacy

But who is that man, I had once asked myself

Who is that "scary" fellow with the rugged attire and mannerisms 

He's the Chap, He's The Tramp, He's The Son of a Gun

He's The Great Dictator, in many countless ways

He's the great warrior of the silent black and white days 

He's Charlie, not Mccarthy nor Sheen


He's the guy who made dinner rolls bounce off the walls

He's the guy who turned a cane into a "holy grail" of weaponry

He's the guy who made Hitler look like a Carebear

He's the guy who ran like a frog who had one too many cocktails

He's the guy who smiled like he had stealthy things up his sleeve 

He's the guy who raised children in ways an ordinary dad wouldn't 

He's the guy whose face gleams like a cow's fur

And he's the guy who moves like he has legs made of decayed wood...or something of the sort

Though, at times, I can't help but feel he has inspired many Hollywood boomers

They move a lot like he did 

The great Buster Keaton and Harold Lloyd move a lot like Chaplin

They sure know how to run from boulders and hang from clock towers! 

Mario moves a lot like Chaplin

Though he's got a pocket full of growth mushrooms and fire flowers

Simon Belmont moves a lot like Chaplin

Though he carries a heavy whip and gallons of holy water

Igor moves a lot like Chaplin

But I suggest you try carrying a heavy hump on your back! 

Now Jar Jar Binks, Jar Jar Binks certainly moves like Chaplin

He's the spitting image, in Gungan form of course 

He is "cawazy' and bumbling, just like Chaplin was

And he sure knows how to stumble and trip over everything in existence

His eyes bug, just like Chaplin's 

And his smile is enough to send the rats back to their holes in the wall 

He's fun loving, just like Chaplin

He's existence is a powerful nod to Chaplin's impact

And Chaplin's impact is prudent

And although the characters I just spoke of move like Chaplin

NO ONE, CERTAINLY NO ONE, moves better than Chaplin than Chaplin

Don't mess with the Chap

He's got legs paves in gold

It's like they're made of rubber or something 

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