Thursday, July 5, 2012

The Video Game In My Memories

When I don't feel like indulging myself in stories told through literature, a surge of graphics across the television usually does the trick

Because in my opinion, video games are as great of storytellers as paperbacks and parchment

But there was one game, an oddball game that loomed in obscurity for eons and eons following

I remembered the game vaguely, and struggled to find it for a time and time again 

I vaguely remembered the graphics and the characters, the atmospheres and the surroundings

The defenses and mechanisms, the meanings and morals

It was all fuzzy, all blurry

All I could interpret was the music, the high pitched, jingly tune of happy go lucky serendipity 

The music stuck in my convoluted brain like a shard of nostalgia or fascination 

And I tried to use the music to guide me to the mysterious game 

It was like a flashlight, pulling me through dark, cloudy areas I couldn't see through 

It was a heck of a journey, it took my months and years, decades perhaps

And I grew jittery, I grew hungry to know what the game was, what it stood for

I felt like ripping my clothes off and turning green, pulling every ounce of hair out of my scalp

There was something about the game that brought on merry memories of past time

There was something about the game that brought on merry memories of childhood ambitions, hobbies, and explorations

There was something about the game that brought on merry memories of what I once was

I was a bouncy child, a child who got into everything and was blown to the ceiling by even the simplest of occurrences

I was a child obsessed with purple dinosaurs, mystery solving Great Danes, mice with red shorts, annoying rabbits and flabbergasted ducks, clowns who ate too many hamburgers, and yellow cartoon people who drooled over donuts 

I was a child who loved stories and pixelated stories only you could maneuver 

I loved every ounce of that matter, I still do

I love it as much as a Dr. Pepper rainstorm 

But I was destine, destine in one form or another to come across this game, the glory game of fond past days

Then, I discovered it, like an archaeologist  finding an ancient relic of an ancient tribe

You see, I was a big fanatic of the Adventure Island series of games. Just the title alone made me feel like I was stranded on a desert island, fighting snails with a hammer and decapitated island demons and I attempted to rescue my girlfriend

I was first introduced to the game series through Super Adventure Island for the SNES, but that game was in the possession of my relatives

And as I sat playing the pixelated adventure, I said to my erratic noggin

There is something familiar about this game series, something, something remarkable reminiscent 

I had to figure it out somehow, you wouldn't believe that that was a heck of a journey as well

I researched the Adventure Island games on the web and I was stunted to learn that the first game, the game that kicked things off, was a mock of another game, an arcade game to be exact

The game was Wonder Boy, the brain bells starting ringing! 

I rushed to another location of the web and saw footage of the game....but

Darnit! It was the WRONG version. It wasn't the version I recalled in my memory strands. It wasn't the one that made me think of how much childhood meant in my spirit. The music wasn't even the same cheerful harmony I whistled as I slept at evening 

 It was a console version of the game. What a sundae with poop topping on top! 

Talk about a devilish disappointment

But even that devilish disappointment didn't stop me from continuing my research


 I typed in WONDER BOY ARCADE VERSION, pressed ENTER, let the screen load, and without a single drop of hesitation, I set my fingers to a small video clip

I pushed the ENTER button, like I was opening a portal to the past

Could this be the game I fancied for thousands of days and nights? 

Could this be the game that plays that legendary theme as the protagonist rides skateboards to victory? 

The music still played in my memory strands, the brain bells were about the ring off the hook 

It all was about to climb back to the surface

It did, at last! 

The arcade version was the game, the game I doodled with as a curious todd, the game I admired as one of the first I ever set eye sockets too 

It was the game of all games, the game that played that joyful, jolly tune like an ice cream truck

I finally found that idol from the ancient tribe 

And the ancient tribe was my childhood, waving it's hands and saying a quick hello

It all returned for a brief reunion, and I savored it like sweet honey

I finally found the electronic piece of gold, Wonder Boy

How wondrous it was when I found the wondrous Wonder Boy

The journey was over, and I can go to the grass knowing I found the game

The eminent, the exciting video game in my memories 

What a treat 

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