Tuesday, April 23, 2013


Sometimes, the best things in life are the things that ruin our lives

Dreams are not given to, they're gone for

Everyone looks through a different window, everyone looks through a different set of eyes 

We are the creators of worlds, and these worlds are our imaginations

Anyone who tells you to get a life obviously doesn't know what a life is 

When I'm sad, I draw sad rabbits. When I'm happy, I do the exact same thing

Everyone has a different tongue, and that tongue comes with a different taste

Life is the greatest motion picture of them all

You have to believe in the impossible to make the impossible possible

Everything exists. It's just that some things need to be reached for and retrieved. Then everyone can share them

If I had to do it over again, I think I'd do the exact same thing I'm doing now

I'm afraid of being afraid 

What's wrong with having a big nose? A big nose comes with a big smell

Ugliness is beautifulness 

A man can fly easily, but walking can be a challenge at times

Computers don't know everything. They only know what we tell them to know

All creatures have a purpose, a meaning, a soul and flesh. Any creature can make a difference, even the furry ones

Sometimes, being bad is good. Some of the world's wisest men were troublemakers

The outer shell can be appealing, but the inners are where it's at

A guy named Walt created a mouse. Who knew that simple mouse could turn the world upside down?

Sometimes, the best actors are ourselves

I don't know what I am. I only know what I was

The useless are useful and the pointless, they have a point. But what is pointless? 

All it takes to be me is to be me, and even I am a hard nut to crack

Sometimes, the hardest things are the easiest things

Why study when you can just use your point of view. Oh wait, that is studying, isn't it? 

I enjoy creating colorful worlds, even when they're black and white

Why does it matter how we accomplish things? We accomplish them, don't we?

Take those hands and mold a boat out of them. Then take that boat and sail the seas with it. If you look hard enough, you'll find treasure

When you think it's impossible, then it's impossible

There are no stupid people in this world, only stupid things. But we can learn from these stupid things. 

Once you dream it, eat it and absorb all it's dreaminess 

Every night when it rains, I listen to each individual raindrop hit the roof. It's like they're telling me something. It's like their singing a song. 

A good man is not good enough until he's good to himself

A man is selfish when he doesn't clean up the mess he made

Some people have that voice to help others find THEIR voice

People shouldn't put down someone else's lifework to glorify their own. That's like if I put down Picasso's work because it wasn't like mine.

Everyone has their place. We shouldn't be trying to take a place, we should make a place of our own. 

Everyone changes the world, everyday, every minute

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