Thursday, June 14, 2012

Busy, It's Been...But I Have To Spew My Mind

When I found myself graduating from my area High School or delivering a speech in front of a curious, yet enchanted group of individuals, I couldn't possibly weasel in the time to collaborate on this magnificent memoir I have diligently incepted. Not to mention that my computer has been plagued by a mysterious complication for many eons. But now I have stepped through this entryway once more and I am prepared to face the curious, captivating obstacles of being a writer, a storyteller, and a mind expresser. It's not always an ice cream sundae with extra cherry sauce, but I get good kicks and sticks out of spewing words whether I spew them onto a computer screen or a piece of shriveled line paper. Opening my head like a lobotomy has as many thrills as a trip down the rabbit hole and I always find myself at ends I never thought I'd encounter in my journey, ends that can leave you with super sweet, sour and tangy feelings.

It can be a splendid ride.

When I was a boy with a diaper and a bottle with a yellow sucker on top, I was often taken to special spaces when I observed the works of Walt Disney, Dr. Seuss, Hanna and Barbera, and the Muppet Master Jim Henson. I savored greatly what they did and I often wonder what brought them to those imaginative and innovative points where their uncanny work left such gallant impacts. Then, like a massive cheeseball, it hit me over the head and left a swelling lump that continues to swell to this very day. They were brought to those imaginative and innovative points because they opened their minds and let what lied within soar out like a wild bird within a rusty cage.

They let their imagination and passions do the talking.

Imagine a world without Disney, or Seuss, or Hanna and Barbera, or Jim Henson. That would mean a world with Mickey Mouse, or the Cat in the Hat, or Scooby Doo, or Kermit the Frog and the Sesame Street gang. Luckily, that's not the case, and we continue to admire all these creatively powerful people who took us to lands lightyears away. And the reason they were able to transport us to lands lightyears away is because they cut open their minds and let things spew glue in an Elmer's bottle. They had something cooking in those mind ovens and they wanted to take it out and share it with the people dwelling within the world. Their ideas were very much like cake. They whipped it up in their craniums, they baked it for a while, and then finally, they sliced it up and shared it with the whole world to eat and cherish.


If we didn't spew our minds and liberate whatever was lurking in there, it would be imprisoned for a very long time without ever being seen or heard by the eyes and hears of human beings. So, as I bring what I have started to a conclusion, remember this.

If you find something living in your brain, just let it out and see what happens. You never know what happens. This thing living in your brain can drag you to many exotic and interesting locations and it can certainly be met with elevated praise by those who consume it and observe it. Great brainchilds, great ideas spring from your very brain, and you can manipulate these brainchilds or expand upon them to your beating heart's content. These ideas, these offspring which we benevolently incept can lead us one step closer into the "impossible".

Get my drift?

I think I will close this up with the words of Fred Rogers, who has had a pretty popular Youtube video about him released recently.....

"You can grow great things in the garden of your mind"

Mr. Rogers was quite a character. He certainly is an inspiration to several souls, myself included.

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