Sunday, May 13, 2012

The Avengers, A Character Study

It's time I express my dire love for the Avengers movie, the best Marvel motion picture in my seeing

But I don't want to express it in a casual, lengthly review for others to digest

I want to do things differently and more exotic

I want to express what I think was the saving grace of the film

And what I think made the film more than just a film

Let's look at the characters, the diverse, individual characters, the icons, the donners of powers

Each with distinctive trademarks and sorcery

Each with their own spice

The main focal points of the film made the film for me

And let's look at why they are so darn unforgettable

Captain America

The patriotic leader of the squad


Decked out in smashing reds, blues and whites

He's the dignified commander of what goes on

But he struggles enviously to jump back into society

For he spent the last 7 decades in an ice cube

All his friends, family members of the time and allies are long gone

But he's pulling through and trying to make ends meet with other members of the group

In the end, he realizes, the whole team realizes that teamwork matters most

He has to cooperate, work together, trust the others of the pack if good things are to come

And his hand in the matter helps in the demise of evil......

For now

Captain America, slick, skillful, brave, and a little feisty. His confidence makes him as legendary now as he was then. If only he could get along with his old friend's son.

Iron Man

Billionaire, playboy, philanthropist, genius

Skilled in making tin suits

Heavy on the drinking and an ankle biter when it comes to women

Always turning seriousness into a comedy hour

Delivering Groucho Marx style one liners

Has ideas way above the heads of the many

But deep within, his heart gleams gold

He cares greatly about what has happened, what's happening, and what will happen in coming days

He is willing to risk his life to stop an alien race with ships the shape of serpents

And when all concludes, when he is as beat as a rag, he goes right back to spewing humor

And making his teammates feel relief, great confidence, warmth and toastiness

Iron Man, comic relief in many ways. Easy on the arc reactors and the super duper lasers. But he makes the ultimate sacrifice no other Avenger had to make. He risks what he never thought he had to risk.


Overconfident and gallant, all in one

His mightiness, his charm, his love of coffee is legendary

But at times, his recklessness gets ahead of the race

And forces him to do bad deeds, regretful deeds in many ways

He loves his brother, his stepbrother, but he always finds himself twirling around with his cunningness

And he fools everyone with tricks and treachery

But Thor steps out of the rubble and makes an ultimate difference

Not killing his brother, instead sparing him

And putting him where he belongs so he will never spread reign throughout the land again

It's not easy bringing someone you love to justice

Thor's heart, like Iron Man's heart, is gleaming gold

And he has a personal, unimaginable, inner torment, peril with the enemy

Thor, mighty and truthful. Full of power, yet full of scattered knowledge. He deals with the enemy firsthand and knows things other Avengers don't know. He loves the enemy and has to decide whether to end his wrath or step aside and let dismal destruction ensue. It's a malevolent war when your own brother is ahead of an abominable task.

The Hulk

Outside is a man of norm

Inside is a raging, ravaging demon of emerald

When anger, excitement fills his blood, that demon possess the man of norm

And a beast, a bigot, a barbarian smashes the surface

A walking anger machine with little trace of his alter ego comes before his comrades

He's terrifying, hideous, with skin as green as grass, hair as dark as forest leaf

But he has potential, and funny mannerisms that make him sweep the surface

He has extreme anger, but knows how to bring it to order, knows how to rationalize it

He cares for what he does and makes sure not to leave that big of a mess behind

He grins, he smiles, just like the man of norm does

But the overwhelmingness pulverizes the dignified form and a massive, juggernaut sky rockets through the floor

He's like Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde, only with the purple pants

The Hulk, a man with severe anger issues. Just one little spark can send him off the hinges. But in his thoracic cavity lies a controlling device that triggers the goodness, and he can use his powers to bring safety to endangered areas. He can look in many directions and still manage to make extremely exemplary occurences occur, he just needs to get the overwhelmingness back to it's proper level. The Hulk can be a complicated bug to step on at times.

Much more my friends, much, much more to come

Keep in that Avengers state of mind

We shall proceed

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