Wednesday, May 9, 2012

The Art of Collecting, The Art of Gathering What We Enjoy

This picture was taken last Christmas. My collaboration of figures has grown considerably since then. It really is something, to look at this photo and see how much my collection has changed, it goes to show how much things can grow, expand and most of all, change shape.

At times, we find ourselves conjuring things that fascinate our brains

And what an interesting topic to tackle, the topic of collecting and gathering

We could find ourselves passionately collecting a morsel of everything

We could find ourselves passionately collecting three of the same thing

We could find ourselves passionately collecting things of bright red, deep purple, vivid blue

We could collect anything, anything under the grey clouds

The rocks, the grass, the buttons, the paper clips, the color riched paper, they can all find their ways into our homes, into our rooms of pondering

There are even those we collect ancient books, dust engulfed antique statues, action figures with paint chipping off them, and the most whimsical of photographs, photographs of strange fellows or fellow peers

The comic books, the dolls, the playful teasets, they can all be taken in, taken in and taken care of with love

Collecting brings in many divine categories under the umbrella, just about every category there is

When we collect, collect the things we wish to collect, they give us a pleasant state of mind and show us who we really are under or flesh

It shows us what we are made of, what lies in our hearts

It shows us what we love, what we love to do with our lives

It shows us what imagination can bring us to, if we let it soar from our craniums and reach reality

Collecting allows us to dig deeper into thoughts

Collecting helps us gain knowledge and gain new brainstorms

Collecting can lead us down a great road, a road full of risks, but at the same time, triumphs and large steps into the beyond

Collecting allows us to gain confidence to perform wonders, miracles, and life changing leaps

Collecting, in many ways, allows us to dig deeper into our souls, to reach the impossible

To reach a gleaming trophy only we could retrieve

Collecting shows us what continues to blow us away, away into amazement

Collecting allows our minds to be a tad bit stretched

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