Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Calm Your Mind, Relax In Your Own Imagination

Be like Rafiki, wise and full of wisdom, but in times of tension, he always knows how to enter a realm, a realm which takes him to a far away place

"Anyone can pilot a ship when the sea is calm"
-Navjot Singh Sidhu

Isn't it peculiar that we find ourselves angry for no apparent reason at times. I know firsthand how anger can build within a person and attempt to bite it's way out like a villainous insect. But if we put our minds in a different spot, we can calm ourselves, rid that villainous insect within our souls and be taken to a fantasy land, a land of quietness and peace. Try and put your mind at peace and it can really fight away the fury and make you feel a whole lot better, not only about yourself, but about the enviroment around you as well. Putting your mind in a great, nonvicious dimension can really expand the cranium as well as thoughts and emotions and at times, we can find the strength to conquer things we fear, find the ambition to do things we have been procrastinating upon and find ideas of springing imagination and creative. When you feel that madness, that evil urge emerging within you, don't smash things, don't hurt another verbally or physically, don't even say terrible things about yourself or take part in doing terrible deeds. Relax, sit down, meditate, enter that imaginative, peaceful place in your mind and put your mind in a state of stillness. Imagine, interpret, think only of pleasant things, things you cherish, things that fill you with sweetness. And remember....

A lion may prance with fierce, tough swiftness, but in his heart, there is goodness and the ability to chill out

You know what I mean?

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