Sunday, May 13, 2012


This is Zappy Rabbit, not Happy, Zappy

He's a character that BOOMED in my mind just a few short months ago

And he clinged ever since

Zappy lives in Cartoonia, a cartoon kingdom far beyond the barriers of our dimension

Cartoons live, exist and coexist as actual beings in Cartoonia

Zappy is one of these actual beings

He's a pickled fellow sprinkled with duel personas

One moment he can be wall leaping or chair spinning

One moment he can be as bold as a castle guard

One moment he can be a life saving lunatic

But he always knows how to HIT THE BOOKS


When Zappy has a book, he treats it like life support

He can't go without a book

Why, if Zappy didn't have a book, he would fly out a window like a fired cannon

He could read so much, his brain would implode from all the thought emerging elements and spectacles

He could read so much, his cartoon body, which was as flat as freshly cut wood, would melt like the Wicked With of the West in a river

He read everything, Dickins, Poe, Hemmingway, Shelley, Christie, Seuss, Wells, Rowling, Tolkiens, Grimm, Travers, Kipling, and even the whale hunting ravages of Melville

He read books with dull colors, bright colors, blinding colors, colors as rich as sunlight, colors with dryness, colors that reminded him of throw up, colors that reminded him of crisp autumn and rainy spring

Colors that reminded him of air conditioners, which he regretfully made for a living

Colors that reminded him of Susie Mouse, his previous flame

But I think the main reason he read, the main reason he escaped to paper adventures  was because he needed a vacation, a vacation he could take any day, any time he wanted, any moment he had the chance

He needed a break away from reality, a way in which to flee from the floors of touchable existence

He needed to escape into the imagination, the imagination of authors and visionaries who lived their lives telling stories of hideous creatures, prominent protagonists, and dragons with 700 heads

He needed a way of living life, going on outings he could only take through reading

He needed a way of going to places only thought to exist in dreams and fantasies

He needed a way to go to impossible locations

And when he read, he hit that ball straight out of the stadium

Reading transformed him. When he read, he lost his character and became a different embodiment entirely. He morphed, morphed into different pivotals whose names where eminent in the story telling. He was Peter Pan, he was Captain Hook, he was Captain Ahab, he was Tarzan, he was the Frankenstein Monster, he was John Harker, he was Count Dracula, he was the Wizard of Oz, he was Frodo, he was Gandalf, he was Atticus Finch, and he was even Charlie Bucket and that strange candymaker with the top hat.

Reading took him any place, anywhere he wanted to stroll

Reading allowed him to live a life span full of powerful suspense, thrill and thought provoking

Reading filled his heart with an indescribable feeling, a feeling words couldn't even identify

Reading let him believe in the inbelievable

Zappy the Rabbit is something isn't he.
You surely haven't heard the last from that magnificent critter.

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